Person and Pronouns

Use these guidelines and tricks to choose the correct pronoun when referring to people or things.

Referring to Workday

When referring to Workday the company, use the first-person plural pronouns we, us, our, and ours.

Referring to Customers

When referring to customers, members, consumers, subscribers, workers, or anyone else reading your text, follow these guidelines:

  • In general, use the second person (you, your, and yours).

  • Although this guide employs the word “users” to refer to anyone accessing or using Workday, the word “user” can sound too techie or cold. Depending on context, consider using employee, consumer, reader, subscriber, customer, worker, participant, visitor, or similar words.

  • When you need to use a third person pronoun, avoid gendered pronouns and refer to the user as "they" rather than as "he" or "she." Using "they" as a singular, third-person pronoun allows us to address diversity by avoiding gendered language and encompassing many variations of gender self-identification.

My vs. Your

“My” is typically applied to page names/titles.

  • My Time Off

“Your” is best used in instructional and error message text.

  • Enter your name in the text box.

See also: Error and Alert Messages, Instructional Text.

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