Product References

Workday's Marketing guidelines state that, on the first mention of a product, writers should use the full, correct product name, followed by an abbreviation or acronym in parentheses (if you plan to refer to the product by its abbreviation later).

However, Workday's user interface has many entry points, and it's not always possible to tell when a user might encounter the name of a product for the first time. In UI text, we recommend using an abbreviation or acronym if you you feel a user will already be familiar with a term or product name.

If you think the user may be unfamiliar with a product namefor example, if it is a new product or one the user encounters rarelythen follow the marketing guidelines above.

  • Workday HCM
  • Workday Human Capital Management (Workday HCM)

Don't refer to products without "Workday" at the beginning of the phrase.

  • Workday Recruiting
  • Recruiting

In subsequent mentions, however, you can use just Workday to refer to the product.

See also: Abbreviations and Acronyms.

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