Business Process Names

Like Task Naming, these guidelines aim to help writers, UX designers, PMs, and developers create consistent business process (BP) names that customers can find easily in Workday. We’re not suggesting you need to rename existing business processes but to consider these questions when you’re naming new ones:

  • What is the purpose of your BP? What might your users expect the business process to be called?
  • Can you use a verb and the imperative voice? Example: Print Checks.
  • Are there any other BPs in your product vertical, and what terminology and language do they use? We recommend that you use the terminology our customers are most familiar with, to be consistent with what's already in the product.
  • If your product vertical is new, think towards the future when naming your BP. Also, do a search to ensure there are no other BPs with the same name.
  • Are there keywords that you can use that will help customers find this BP?
  • Are you using language that is too technical for your audience? Can you use simpler, everyday words?
  • Review Tax
  • Tax Review
  • Verify Capital Project Expense
  • Capital Project Expense

Integration business processes must have Event appended to their name. Example: Purchase Order Issue Event.

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