Domain Names

Workday defines a domain as a collection of related securable items, such as tasks, business processes, and reports. Each domain is secured by a domain security policy.

Domain Descriptions

When you describe domains, do:

  • Start your domain descriptions with “Enables users to …”.
  • Complete the description with “this domain is nonconfigurable” when the domain isn’t configurable.
  • Include 1 or more verbs after the beginning of the sentence to describe the types of actions secured by the domain.
  • Add country-specific information before the description, if applicable.

When you describe domains, don't:

  • Leave the domain description blank.
  • Refer to specific tasks, reports, and other items secured to the domain.

Domain Description Examples

  • Enables users to create, change, and view a student’s alternate plan.
  • Enables users to set up reasons for not purging student data.
  • France-specific domain: Enables users to view and update OETH reporting details.
  • Ability to Create, Update, View a student's Alternate Plan.
  • Enables access to set up reasons for not purging student data on the Maintain Do Not Purge Student Reasons task.*
  • FRA-specific domain. This domain enables you to view and update OETH reporting details.

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