Button Language Guidelines

Button labels (also known as Calls to Action or CTAs) should be as short and clear as possible, and should describe the action the button performs.

Try to limit button labels to three words or less. Using one or two words, if possible, is ideal. When writing buttons, you can remove most prepositions and articles (a, an, the).

You may consider using a noun after the verb if it adds clarity.

  • Discard Changes (what do they discard?)

Do not use “click” or “press” as part of a button label.

  • Submit
  • Add Expense

Use title case for button text.

Buttons in Dialogs

If a question is asked in a dialog, use button labels that match the question. Keep in mind the following guidelines as well:

  • Don't use OK/Cancel to answer yes or no questions.
  • Make sure you keep "your" and "my" consistent.
  • Avoid saying "click" when referring to buttons (and other other UI elements).
  • Open Messages
  • Are you sure you want to delete this shift? Delete/Cancel
  • Click Your Messages to Open My Messages
  • Are you sure you want to delete this shift? OK/Cancel

See also: My and Your.

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