Dialogs, Popups, and Modals

Workday has several kinds of popup windows or notifications, including dialogs, modals, popups, toasts, and more. Here are some general guidelines for the text contained within these elements:

  • Phrase confirmations as yes or no questions.
  • In the title of the dialog, be clear about what will happen if the user continues. (“Delete time off request?”)
  • Supplemental text should provide more information, not just reword the title.
  • Tonally, your language should be approachable and clear. Try reading your message out loud, and if it sounds unnatural to say, try rewriting.
  • Use title case for dialog titles and buttons.
  • Delete Page?
    If you delete this page, the information will not be saved.
    Delete Cancel
  • Delete Page?
    Are you sure you want to delete this process?
    OK Cancel

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