Field Labels

A field label is text that appears next to or above a field. It should give users information about what the field contains. Keep field label text concise but still descriptive.


Field labels may be capitalized in 2 ways, depending on their length and placement in the UI:

  • Use title case for short labels that are to the left or above a check box.
  • Use title case for labels that identify an object.
  • Use sentence case for longer labels that are placed to the right of a check box, especially if the label reads like a phrase.

We encourage the use of shorter, more concise labels whenever possible.


  • If the label is phrased as a question, use a question mark at the end.


  • Avoid using a preposition at the end of a field label.
  • If you do use a preposition at the end of a field label, capitalize it.
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See also: Radio Buttons, Drop-down Menus, and Instructional Text.

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