Instructional Text

When writing instructions for users (often the first sentence at the top of a page), try to be as brief yet helpful as possible. Use sentence case for instructional text.

  • View the calibration event status for supervisory organizations that report to you.
  • Completes all events that are in-progress in that user's organization hierarchy.
  • Calibration Status page shows only Supervisory Organizations that report to you.
  • Enables you to complete in-progress calibration events for all subordinate organizations in the hierarchy.

Hover Text

Instructional text may also include hover text that gives users more information about the UI element in focus. Using hover text paired with an icon can be a good alternative to including a long label before a UI element. Follow the same guidelines for hover text that you would for other instructional text.

  • Select up to 5 dimensions to include in the headcount plan.
  • Including dimensions in your headcount plan enables you to specify what type of workers you need and where you need them. The more dimensions you include, the better you will be able to analyze and report on what type of workforce you need, when you need it, and whether or not you are on track to achieve it. You can include up to 5 dimensions in 1 headcount plan.

See also: Placeholder Text

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