Grids (Tables)

Grids or tables are UI containers to hold data and other information in a table-like format. Workday intends to update our grid tooling in the near future to improve performance, meet accessibility standards, and improve usability. Content usage for the new Tables 2.0 tool will follow the same standards as for grids. For other usage and accessibility guidance, see Tables.

Other considerations:

  • Due to limited space in grids or tables, you can use abbreviations (including avg., hrs., or wk.), symbols (% for percent), and other shortened forms that you would not use elsewhere in the UI.
  • Use singular for column heading labels, such as Currency, Company, Organization, or Period instead of the plural format.
  • You should still follow the rules for appropriately styling dates, months, and times.
  • Use unique heading labels for each column. No need to repeat label prefixes or suffixes that would be obvious to the user based on the task or grid name.

Hours Worked in May

DateWorker NameHrs.
01/09/20Karen Oh6

Hours Worked in May

Dates workedNames of workersHours worked
1/9/20Karen OhSix

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