Canvas v10 Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Overview

The table below contains a high-level overview of the updates that will be rolled out as part of the v10 release. The impact for developers are defined as follows:

  • None: inapplicable to the role or no actions are required for users to adopt the change; Updates will be applied automatically once users upgrade to Canvas Kit v9
  • Low: minor changes are required for users to adopt the change
  • Medium: a moderate amount of changes are required for users to adopt the change, such as switching out UI elements
  • High: a large amount of changes are required for users to adopt the change, requiring product teams to make major design or development decisions
ChangeShort DescriptionDeveloper Impact
New Token Structure & Naming ConventionA new token structure and updated token naming convention will be rolled outNone
New Opacity System TokenA new opacity token will be available for use with disabled statesNone
New Styling Strategy for ButtonsA new styling strategy will be rolled out to Canvas buttons in order to make buttons compatible with CSS variables while moving away from EmotionNone
Token Rollout to Canvas ButtonsCanvas Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Delete buttons will be updated to use the new token setNone
Space & Depth Rem ConversionSpace and Depth tokens will be converted from pixel to remLow
Deprecation of spaceNumbersIn favor of moving to rems, spaceNumbers will be deprecatedNone
Select Compound Component ConversionA new Select compound component will replace the current Select component in MainMedium
Deprecation of Select in PreviewThe Select component in Preview will be deprecatedNone
Deprecation of InputIconContainerThe InputIconContainer utility will be deprecatedNone
Deprecation of Table in MainThe Table component in Main will be deprecatedNone

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