Canvas v9 Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Overview

The table below contains a high-level overview of the updates that rolled out as part of the v9 release. The impact for developers is defined as follows:

  • None: inapplicable to the role or no actions are required for users to adopt the change; Updates will be applied automatically once users upgrade to Canvas Kit v9
  • Low: minor changes are required for users to adopt the change
  • Medium: a moderate amount of changes are required for users to adopt the change, such as switching out UI elements
  • High: a large amount of changes are required for users to adopt the change, requiring teams to make major development decisions
ChangeShort DescriptionDeveloper Impact
Canvas Design System Site VersioningVersioning will be available for documentation on the Canvas Design System site, corresponding to each major Canvas releaseNone
Depth Token ModificationsDepth tokens will be modified to reduce the harshness/contrast of depth against backgroundsNone
Table RefactoringA new Table component will be released in the Preview package with increased flexibility and updated stylingNone
New Combobox Sub-systemA new Combobox sub-system will be released to help developers build components and features with Combobox like autocomplete and SelectNone
Layout Component RemovalThe Layout component will be removedMedium
Drawer Component RemovalThe Drawer component in the Labs package will be removedMedium
Stack Component RemovalsThe Stack, VStack, HStack components will all be removedLow
Default Button Type ModificationsThe default button type for all Canvas buttons will be updated from submit to buttonMedium
useTheme UpdatesA fix will be implemented to prevent useTheme hook from generating an error when the styled function is used without a predefined themeLow
useThemedRing PromotionThe useThemedRing hook will be promoted to the Main packageNone
useThemeRTL DeprecationThe useThemeRTL hook will be deprecated in Canvas v9, but will still be available for useNone
useCanvasTheme and getCanvasTheme RemovaluseCanvasTheme and getCanvasTheme will be removed in favor of useTheme and getTheme, respectivelyLow
Canvas Kit’s TS Compiler Target UpdatesThe TS compiler target will be updated from ES5 to ES2019. This will significantly decrease the Canvas Kit bundle sizeNone
Toast Component PromotionThe Toast component in the Labs package will be promoted to the Main package, replacing the current Toast component in MainNone
Enhanced QA & Testing ProcessesAdditional tests will be added to expand testing across different screen sizes and modality as well as expand visual regression testingNone

For a deeper look into the v9 upgrade, check out the guide on the For Developers tab.

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