Tokens Explained

Tokens are the smallest pieces of our Design System with the primary function of storing UI information. They enable building components and patterns with consistency across our platforms.

Everything created in Canvas uses preset styling Tokens. They are like the DNA of the Workday product family. So it’s important to stick to them as you create with Canvas. It will make the job of the designer, engineer and quality assurance person much easier by removing room for error as things are designed and built.

Benefits Of Canvas Tokens

Tokens make decision making much easier and the output more accurate. When designing and building, always use Canvas Tokens to inform the design decisions you make, such as:

  • Color - Use the preset Workday color palette in Canvas Kit
  • Depth - Use the preset depth tokens in Canvas Kit for drop shadows
  • Shape - Use the preset shape tokens for border radius
  • Space - Spacing should align with the preset 8pt grid spacing tokens
  • Type - The type styles you use to ensure clear and consistent hierarchy
  • Line - Use the preset line tokens for border styles
  • Motion - Follow the guidance for motion related decisions

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