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What is Canvas?

Canvas is Workday’s single source of truth for everything product development. Our design system is a collection of rules, principles, constraints and best practices. The core pieces of Canvas are our UI elements presented in both, visual and libraries code repositories.

Our mission is to enable fast, sustainable design and development of unified user experiences. We do this by maintaining, supporting and evolving our foundational source of truth.


What Canvas is Made Of


Atomic pieces of style information (color, typography, etc.). Their primary function is to store UI information that allows for building more complex elements.

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Atomic visuals intended to convey a meaning. They can be used functionally (e.g. icons), or for presentation (e.g. illustrations).

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The generic and reusable building blocks that primarily make up any user experience. Components can be simple like a button, but can also be composed into something complex like a toolbar.

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Read on to learn how to best use our design system for your role. Now that you understand the fundamentals of Canvas, it’s time to jump in and start building!

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For Developers

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