The Dub

The “Workday Dub” is an iconic symbol used as an extension of our main brand. It is used in product applications, as a favicon, application icons, avatar, and as an additional way to represent our company in promotional materials.


Brand Dub Anatomy

The anatomy of the “Workday Dub” has been carefully crafted. Following the guidelines below will ensure that the integrity of the symbol is maintained regardless of its scale.

For more information about the full Workday logo, check out this page on the Brand Central Style Guide.

Clear Space

The "Workday Dub” needs breathing room to maximize its visual effectiveness. The minimum clear space of the symbol is half the width of the W (X = W width x 0.5)

Brand Dub Size

Digital Lockup

In digital applications where space is limited, it is often neccesary to use the “Workday Dub” in the product header. Headers can be used with Canvas Kit or by following the specs below.

Header Usage

Spacing Guidelines

Brand Dub Spacing

Color Guidelines

Brand Dub Color

Primary Label: Roboto, Regular, 20px, Black Pepper 300 Divider Line: Soap400

Reversed: Label: Roboto, Regular 20px, French Vanilla 100 Divider Line: FrenchVanilla100 @ 30% Opacity

Web Examples

To use these in code, simply import the SVGs from Canvas Kit:

import {dubLogoWhite, dubLogoBlue} from '@workday/canvas-kit-react/common';

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