Text provides an ergonomic API for rendering text. It includes built-in support for Canvas type tokens.

yarn add @workday/canvas-kit-react
yarn add @workday/canvas-kit-react

Usage Guidance

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Basic Example

Text is built on top of Box and supports a multitude of style props including spacing props such as margin and padding, as well as text styling props such as fontSize and fontWeight.

Text renders a <span> element by default. You may override the rendered element using the as prop.

Text as h4

Text styled using style props

Text styled using type token level

Text with inherited styles

Type Level and Variant

Text includes built-in support for Canvas type tokens via the typeLevel and variant props.

typeLevel hooks into the Canvas type hierarchy.

Small Body level text

variant allows you to layer additional styling to aid users' understanding of the text being rendered.

Error text


Text is built on top of Box and supports all of its props in addition to its own.

typeLevel"body.small" | "body.large" | "body.medium" | "title.small" | "title.large" | "title.medium" | "heading.small" | "heading.large" | "heading.medium" | "subtext.small" | "subtext.large" | "subtext.medium" | undefinedType token as string with level and size separated by dot. These values map to our [Canvas type levels](https://canvas.workday.com/tokens/type#type-styles). @example ```tsx <Text typeLevel="body.small">Small body text</Text> ```
variantkeyof CanvasTypeVariants | undefinedType variant token names: `error`, `hint` or `inverse`. @example ```tsx <Text variant="error" typeLevel="subtext.large">Error text</Text> ```

Can't Find What You Need?

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